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Nome, Alaska

Located on the southern Seward Peninsula Coast on Norton Sound of the Bering Sea, Nome is an important fixture for Northwest Alaska.  In 1901, Nome was the most populous city in Alaska.  During the Gold Rush, population was estimated at almost 20,000 with an average of 1000 newcomers a day.  

Things are a little more quiet these days, but Nome is still home to Gold Mining and is the ending point of the famous 1,049 + mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.  Nome hosts rich culture and history along with the fascinating northern lights and midnight sun.

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Nome Alaska in Winter

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Iditarod Finishing Line

During the finish of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Nome’s population swells by approximately 1,000 people and turns Nome into what people warmly refer to as the “Mardi Gras of the North”. With hundreds of events to participate in, the finish of the Iditarod in Nome is an event not to be missed.

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Photo: ESA
Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis is an amazing sight, with its colors shimmering and pulsating across the night sky. In Nome Alaska you only have to venture a mile or two away from the city for the Northern Lights to come into full view. Ask us and we’ll give you the inside knowledge on the best places to see the lights.

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Iron Dog Race

The Iron Dog course is over 2,000 miles, making it the World’s longest snowmobile race. Nome marks the half-way point for the racers and a finish for the recreational class. The Nome Alaska Halfway Banquet brings the race participants and fans together with celebration awards, tales from the trail, and prizes.

Nome in Summer

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Local Sights

Learn about local fauna by wandering the Seward Peninsula, wander around town, or get a bird’s eye view of the land and wildlife by taking a flight seeing tour.  Local sights are a plenty in Nome.

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Photo: Olaf Oliviero Riemer © Creative Commons


Spring in Nome, Alaska signals the return of hundreds of species of migratory birds returning to their breeding and nesting ground.

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Gold Mining

There are more than 40 remnants of gold dredges visible from the road-system. We highly recommend you rent a vehicle and explore, looking for dredges and wildlife along the way.

Places to Visit

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Iditarod Arch
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Gold Dredges
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The Worlds Largest Gold Pan
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Photo: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve (City of Nome Visitor Center resize) © Wikimedia Commons
Nome Visitor Center
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City Hall
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Photo: NPS photo / Lydia Meadows
Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center

Where to Eat

Tundra Delights
Located at the Aurora Inn & Suites
Coffee Shop

Pingo Bakery & Seafood House
308 Bering Street, Nome, Alaska.
European, Baked Goods, Breakfast

Golden China
231 Front Street, Nome, Alaska
Chinese, Japanese, Thai

2824 Front Street, Nome, Alaska
Pizza, Korean, Japanese

135 Front Street, Nome, Alaska
Classic Subway Sandwiches

Polar Bear Cafe
225 Front Street, Nome, Alaska
Breakfast, Burgers, Coffee

Airport Pizzeria


Gold Coast Cinema
135 Front Street, Nome, Alaska

The Nome Nugget
Alaska’s Oldest Newspaper

US Post Office
113 Front Street, Nome, Alaska

Hansons Safeway
415 Bering Street, Nome, Alaska
Grocery Store

GCI Store
110 Front Street, Nome, Alaska
Telecommunications and Tech Store

Alaska Commercial Company
Grocery Store

Convenient Store

Bonanza Express
Fuel Station / Snacks

Crowley Fuels
Fuel Station

Nome Outfitters
Hunting/Fishing Amenities

Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Banking Facilities

Wells Fargo – Branch & ATM
109A Front Street, Nome, Alaska

Credit Union – Branch & ATM
406 Warren Place, Nome, Alaska

Hansons Safeway – ATM
415 Bering Street, Nome Alaska

Northrim Bank 5th Ave